Event Planner Technology Checklist

When it comes to your events, IT Support strives to ensure that the technology aspects of your event are flawless.  To accomplish that, it is necessary that you take a few moments to consider the checklist below.  Having answers to all the following questions will allow us to best help you, and will help to prevent any last minute surprises that could cause conflicts for your event.

Events should be scheduled at least a week in advance whenever possible, as adequate lead time is essential to IT Support’s ability to meet your needs.

If you have any questions about the events process, or concerns about your particular event, please call IT Support at x2551 to discuss.




  • Do you have a confirmation from the events system? Your confirmation number is your verification of submitting an event request.
  • What time does your event begin?
    • Please list the actual start time of the event; IT Support will build in the necessary setup time.
  • Have you followed up with IT Support regarding any detailed or unusual aspects of your event?
  • If you want a technology specialist present throughout your event, have you called and discussed it with IT Support?
  • Should you have any changes to your event (date, time, location, equipment, cancellation), did you communicate them to IT Support and other supporting departments, like Tech Services (Facilities)?



  • Is the presenter a staff member? An individual from outside PSU?
  • What technology will the presenter be using?
    • Is their presentation on a USB drive?
    • Do they need a loaner laptop from IT Support?
    • Are they bringing their own laptop?
    • Do they need/have a “clicker” to change the slides?
  • Will they need an internet connection?
  • Does the presentation include video?
    • If so, are the videos downloaded? (It is highly preferable NOT to trust streaming video to the wifi.)
  • Have these details all been communicated to IT Support prior to the day of your event?


TESTING: it is essential that IT Support has access to event coordinators and presenters prior to the start of the event, so that we can perform equipment & sound checks.

  • In the hour preceding the start of your event, who will be available to review the setup? You or a designee?
    • Has this been communicated to IT Support?
  • Will your presenter arrive at least 30 minutes before the start time for a tech setup and sound check?