VPN IPSec client support to be discontinued on 3/13/2017

On Monday, March 13, 2017 support for the VPN IPSec client will discontinued.   This means that the Cisco Systems VPN client (with the padlock icon) will no longer work to connect to the University.   If you try to use this older connection method you will receive message saying that “Access is denied” or that “Authentication has failed.”

Penn State Worthington Scranton users will have an updated client installed to your University owned computer automatically.   You will be able to find this program under the Cisco Folder on your start menu called “Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client”.

Information on installing the client on personal devices can be found at http://kb.its.psu.edu/article/891.

Using the Client

Upon launching the VPN client, a window will appear prompting you to connect.   Select “vpn.its.psu.edu” from the dropdown box (as shown below) and click Connect.

cisco AnyConnect connect window

Login on the window that appears with your PSU userid and Password.   When you are done using the VPN, simply click the “Disconnect” button.