Spring Training 2017

Please join us for the following training workshops coming this Spring semester:

Title Description Audience Dates/Times
Box at Penn State Box provides the University community with unlimited content storage.  Securely share, edit and collaborate on files and folders. Staff and Faculty: Beginner-advanced

3/1/17, 9-10AM

3/2/17,  2-3PM

University Collaboration Suite: Calendar Get the most out of your UCS calendar.  Create and share multiple calendars, schedule custom repeating events with invitations, locations and equipment. Staff and Faculty: Beginner-advanced

3/7/17,  2-3 PM

3/8/17, 9-10AM

University Collaboration Suite: Email Email management is a key productivity skill, learn how with advanced UCS features.  We will also discuss email etiquette and ways to make your messages stand out to recipients. Staff and Faculty: Beginner-advanced

3/14/17, 2-3PM

3/15/17, 9-10AM

Creating Sites at Penn State Set up an online portfolio, blog about your interests, or publish your own website with our easy to use WordPress system. Staff and Faculty: Intermediate web users

3/28/17, 2-3PM

3/31/17, 9-10AM

All About Your Telephone Learn about our telephone sets, how to conference, forward calls and more.  We will also discuss effective telephone communication skills. Staff and Faculty: Everyone

4/5/17,  2-3PM

4/7/17, 9-10AM

Keeping Information Secure Practice simple work day procedures to safeguard University data. Avoid phishing attacks and other common threats to security. Staff and Faculty: Everyone

4/10/17, 1-2PM

4/11/17, 10-11AM

Summer Web Content Steward Badge Training Suite Update our campus website, write effective content, and provide the clearest information to our current and prospective students and their families.   Earn a digital badge signifying mastery of multiple web skills.

  • Using the Polaris CMS
  • Web Design Aesthetics
  • Writing for the Web
  • Online Marketing Foundations (selected topics)
  • Putting it all together
  • Final Wrap Up Session
  • Graduation/Lunch
Staff and Faculty: Designated web content stewards

Part 1: 5/19/17, 9-10:30AM or 2-3:30PM

Part 2: 6/6/17, 9-10:30AM or 2-3:30PM

Part 3: 6/23/17, 9-10:30AM or 2-3:30PM

Part 4: 6/29/17, 9-10:30AM or 2-3:30PM

Part 5: 7/14/17, 9-10:30AM or 2-3:30PM

Final Wrap Up: 8/7/17, 9-10:00AM or 2-3:00PM

Graduation: 8/8/17, 11:30AM-1:00PM